5 Questions with Kiersten Nelson

5 Questions with Kiersten Nelson

The Nyhus team is pleased to welcome Kiersten Nelson as its newest account manager! Read on for the latest installment in our 5 Questions series, where you’ll learn more about our new resident soccer afficianado.

What are you looking forward to most in your new position?
I’m excited to work with a team of driven professionals who take the challenges facing our clients and develop solutions to fit their needs.


What is your proudest career moment?
In 2017 I was able to work with the business and labor communities to help develop legislation that became law in Washington State establishing paid family and medical leave. The major accomplishment was the ability to get both sides to compromise and allow everyone to walk out of the room feeling pleased with the legislation.


How do you see the public affairs/PR landscape changing in the next few years?
With the ubiquity of social media, prominent figures within companies must accept that they are direct representations of their business. As a result, a willingness to accept that any social media comments can reflect back on a company, even if made on a personal account, leaders must redefine what image they want their company to portray and how they can further that image.


What do you like to do outside of work?
I play a lot of soccer. I prefer outdoor to indoor because I have to run for longer and it makes me feel better about not scheduling daily gym workouts. I am also a huge fan of the Premier League and regularly take sad naps after Arsenal drop points to teams they should have beaten.


What’s one thing about you that would surprise me?
In my old age, I would love to retire to a château on a French vineyard and taste test all the great wines that are coming from the vines I own.