Marc has over a decade of experience living in, studying, and engaging professionally with China, as well as special expertise advising executives on thought leadership strategies. Marc serves as director of the agency’s China Practice, where he devises strategies and enhances engagement for Chinese companies looking to successfully expand their businesses in the US market, and American firms seeking greater connections with the People’s Republic. He also serves as director of the Nyhus executive communications practice, where he assists in developing thought leadership and executive messaging on behalf of clients.

Prior to joining Nyhus, Marc spent five years at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, the nation’s foremost organization promoting constructive Sino-Americans relations. As a communications and program officer at the New York-based organization, Marc was involved in crafting the National Committee’s online presence, print publications, and assisted in speech writing and media outreach for the organization’s senior leadership and board of directors. Marc worked closely with Chinese partners on a variety of projects including the Policy Leaders Orientation Program, which introduces Chinese government officers to American history, culture, and society, and the Student Leaders Exchange, which connects top-performing American students with their Chinese counterparts.

Marc received his master’s degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University, where he focused on Chinese foreign policy, U.S.-China relations, and Chinese media. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut and has studied at Tsinghua, Beijing, and Zhejiang Universities in China.

A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Marc’s commitment to supporting Cornhusker football is trumped only by his love of all things guitar. He is an avid bike rider and enjoys cooking with his wife, Jessica.

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